LK Advani’s blog and NaMo NaMo

The two leaders grabbing top headlines for the last four days in Indian newspapers and news channels are the BJP patriarch LK Advani and the newly chosen chairman of BJP’s election campaign committee, Narendra Modi [NaMo* for short]. BJP happens to be the main opposition party in India and is hoping to overthrow the ruling UPA in 2014 general elections, riding on the charisma of Narendra Modi.

By the way, both Advani and Narendra Modi maintain blogs and their blogs happen to be among the very few blogs by politicians in the recently released Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

Being marginalized in the party for opposing Modi’s elevation, Advani has been sulking in his home in Delhi. In BJP’s tradition, leaders kept on mollifying him and bringing him round to accepting Modi through telephonic discussions throughout yesterday (9th June). Senior BJP leaders are known to communicate their displeasure in subtle hints and so Advani’s latest post in his blog, published yesterday makes an interesting reading. Supposed to be ailing, Advani did find energy to write about a film ‘Vishwaroopam’ that features Adolf Hitler’s descent to hell while wanting to reach the heaven, and to flip through a book on Hitler. He also had time to minutely explore a carving in his house in which various scenes from Mahabharata are depicted.

All through the last week, when BJP’s national executive was in session, tweets were used to announce developments, to deride Modi and to felicitate him, to publicise Advani finally blessing Modi [Modi tweeted this, obviously], to show solidarity with Modi [look at BJP leaders’ tweets]. Advani used his blog to caution about Hitler like tendencies in Modi and how elevating ambitious leaders leads to fall. Modi will definitely bring out a post in the coming days about his vision for the party and the nation and possibly some nuanced comments on his opponents in the party. Keep watching interesting political blogging!

*namo namo is also used by Hindus as a chant to hail deities.