Guest blogging on Indian Top Blogs: an invitation

July 30, 2013 update:
We have temporarily suspended guest posting on ITB. Will announce when we open it. Mostly because we are unable to handle the rush.

After getting many requests for guest blogging from other bloggers, we intend to flirt with this idea. As we’ve always done [for review, showcase, directory compilation etc], we’d start with a list of do’s and don’t for blogger friends who want to submit articles to ITB.

Our plan.

  • We’d accept articles for ITB for a period of 6 months, i.e. till end 2013. Based on our experience, we’d decide to continue or stop it.
  • We’d not be able to pay for guest posts. [We don’t charge for any of our activities, so we don’t have money to reward others. So sad, no?]
  • Guest posts once published on will become the property of to the extent that the post will not be reproduced elsewhere without giving link to the ITB website.
  • ITB can’t guarantee publication of a post on the site. We’d select guest posts based on the quality of content, originality, post’s relevance to the ITB themes and also proven expertise of the author.
  • The themes would include the craft of blogging, web designing, social media analysis, Indian web scene, SEO, monetization, and impact of new developments in web media sphere.
  • We’d give full credit of the article to the author and provide a link to his / her blog [or any other web property such as Facebook account, but only one link]. We’d also put the author’s photo and a one-two sentence write-up on him / her.
  • We’d reply to all submissions. If we accept an article, we’d compose it and send a pdf to the author to have a final look. We’d expect the author to say yes before we publish the article on ITB.

What should the contributing blogger do?

  • Please send only original articles [not composed by copying and pasting matter]. Please also ensure that the article serves the purpose of informing and/or advising ITB’s viewers. If we receive recycled matter or copy-pasted matter or we notice this after publishing the article, we’d blacklist the author. We reserve the right to speak about the contributor’s committing such unethical practices, on ITB, public fora and social networking platforms.
  • Please ensure that the article is formatted properly, with subtitles if required, and has a relevant heading.
  • Please proof-read the article thoroughly to rid it of spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. We use UK English but will accept US English too. Please do not use slang words or sub-standard English.
  • Please send the article by email to Please give the email the following subject: ‘guest article’, and in the message state the following: ‘I have understood the terms and conditions about submission and publication of guest posting mentioned on ITB site and I promise to abide by them. The following is the article for publication on’ After that, please paste the article in the body of the email.
  • Please give the link to your blog / facebook/twitter or any other web account [only one] and state one or two sentences about yourself [preferably your experience] which we’d place alongwith your article on ITB.
  • If you like your portrait to be published on the face of the article, please paste the photo [ only a small thumbnail of size 100x100 px or so] in the email message itself.
  • No attachments please! We won’t open any attachment with the guest post submission email.
  • Articles should be in the range of 500 to 2000 words. Please add photographs/ graphics if they add value to the article. Give captions of images separately. If the images are your own, do write that at the end of the article; if not, tell us whether you have taken permission from the owner of the image. Also give a credit line in the case of others’ images. Please do not add video or audio.
  • You can send more than one article, but please send only one article per email and wait for some days before submitting another article. If we are particularly impressed with your articles, we might associate you as a regular contributor.

Why contribute to ITB?

  • It will get you a genuine, high value, authoritative back-link from a trustworthy website. Any SEO expert will tell you that one good back-link is much better for your reputation than a thousand from a spammy or trash site.
  • It will popularize you and your blog. You are likely to get more traffic to your blog. Your link on ITB will be a permanent link and not a one-time link hidden somewhere in the body of some post.
  • It will increase your web authority. You can quote and link the ITB article on various platforms. As the web authority of ITB grows over the years, your association with ITB will keep adding to your reputation too.
  • You will have an external editor to tell you whether you write well and with authority. It will help you in improving your writing.
  • ITB is NOT an article farm or an article directory. So, an article on ITB matters many times more than one on an article submission site, and you have no risk of being penalized by search engines for ‘writing solely for the sake of back-links’.

We are sorry for the longish procedure but, you’d appreciate, we are taking precautions to discourage fake and unethical authors.