May 20, 2013

Best Indian Blogs Directory: What’s going to be there?

This is third post to share our experiences with directory compilation this year. The first one was on the blogging behaviour of Indian bloggers and the second on Google PageRanks of Indian Blogs.

We seem to have matured in the art of manually compiling the listing of great Indian blogs, doing it for the 8th time if you consider Hindi directory, rankings and mid-way updates. Starting with devising a complicated but seemingly very objective algorithm to evaluate blogs, we have graduated to being subjective. Subjective like a judge. We try to be utmost fair and our subjectivity is a mean of four independent opinions and collective arguments. We are proud of our selection and hope you will vouch for our effort when we come out with the Directory of Best Indian Blogs – on 30th May.

Do expect to find a melange of Indian blogs in the directory: a columnist discussing the country’s economic problems and diplomatic nuances, a self-taught writer with a treasure of fiction and poetry, a mom sharing her little joys and problems week after week, a prof dissecting a god-forsaken scientific matter for years together, a guy reviewing books, a photographer showcasing his superb photos that speak louder than a million words, a chef with dishes from all parts of the globe and topping each post with photos and recipe. Also a blog with just sweet nothings but so well manicured that you feel like making a picture postcard out of it. A grandpa's blog pouring out his wisdom ripe with experience.  


Some of the blogs in the Directory are going to be extra-ordinary while some would be a bit less so. When we spotted a blog that excelled in many respects but had a few blemishes, we discussed it among ourselves a number of times before keeping or throwing it out. So, you will find a handful of good blogs with things that we don’t like: a pop-up or a self-playing audio, infrequent posts, a blogroll rolling much beyond the blog’s other content, a widget bleeding to outside its column... We had to ignore English errors in a couple of blogs with great thought, good discussion and/or spirited writing. We can also be blamed for ignoring low readability on a photo blog and poor design of a blog with superb political analysis.

As we have said earlier a number of times [e.g. this post on blog selection criteria], we look for quality content, good design and a minimum level of blogging frequency. Other aspects follow. When it comes to pruning the list of shortlisted blogs, we try to balance the content [quality, composition, etc] with the blogging effort [frequency, work on design, apps, comments, etc]. We are not too impressed with quantity if it is not supported with quality. Sometimes we appreciate the effort, for example in compiling news or putting out a quote every day, but that activity, we feel, is worthy of an e-newspapers than a blog.

Our next post in this series will supplement what we said above, with a glimpse of main types of blogs that are going to be in the Directory.