Most valued and valuable blogs worldwide

We often see surveys in which blogs are judged based on their value in dollar terms. Obviously, the top blogs in such lists are those maintained by big companies and big teams, and are valued in million dollars. In one listing on the web, the biggest one is said to be worth $240 million (over Rs. 1000 core, that’s’ in Indian terms). Unbelievable!

In a later post, we’d give a list of such high-value blogs for our readers’ benefit, but we’re limiting the present post to the sum and substance of big blogging. We have been studying these blogs for some time to understand what made them such a great success, and the mantras we discovered are:

Starting with a bang. If you have a big team with a deep pocket or support of a lender, you can be instantly ahead of millions of individual bloggers. In fact, after a time, the blog becomes a conglomeration of web properties – a portal, a blog, social networking sites and so on. That is the time you acquire other properties too and become a media house!

Being in America. A blog in the US or such other advance countries can be many times popular than one in a developing country where not many people have internet on their mobile phones and where the younger lot is too much occupied with himself.

Gadgets and apps. If you can access the latest developments in these areas before others, and write engagingly about them, you are there!
Entertainment sells. In addition, if a blog / website has backing from a media house or a celebrity, it gets instant follower-ship and a lot of ready-made gossipy matter.

News sells and so does controversy. Writing high-wire articles week after week engages people – both lovers and haters of your opinion – especially if you are in a country with bi-polar division of society on political lines.

Walk big; the herd will follow. If you are seen as an important guy out there, people will flock to you and will proudly tell others they visit you. So, the big blog companies create an aura around their brand, and once they have a threshold of visitors convinced of value in associating with the brand, visitors and dollars seem to start raining.

;) The list of multi-million dollar blogs that we’ll come out with, as we promised above, will be based on others’ compilations. Indian Top Blogs compiles listings of valuable, not $-value, blogs. ;)