You’re stuck at Facebook, honey? Move on to Snap!

In the social media world, times are changing fast but not fast enough. People are bored of Facebook but where is Snap?

The thing called internet has already started looking boring to those young people who had joined Facebook many years back. Of course they linger on, and new people join the platform. Wrongly, it seems that FB is growing very fast and people are floored by it.

As for blogging, new people still come to blogging, but not many. Those who maintain their blog well and know a blog’s value are outnumbered many times by those who open a blog, maintain it for some time and then abandon it. They switch over to Facebook, experiment with Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and when bored of these too, they download apps on their smart phones and play with them. 

Google is soon coming up with Google Glass - a pair of smart spectacles that would record every activity in front the wearer and will share it realtime. Such gadgets will keep the ICT scene vibrant, but the excitement of new tech wears out quickly and people look for more than what tech can deliver. Instead of being happy about their web assets and gadgets, people are getting bored of the technology faster than ever. Especially the younger lot.

There was a time when you told your spouse that you opened an email account and (s)he gave you an admiring look, and showed his/her keenness to learn about that revolutionary thing. Many developments took place on the web scene, and what gave people a platform to express themselves, mostly without any cost, was blogging. Blogging remained a big thing for many years and if you had a blog some 7-8 years back, people took you seriously. Though you are still looked at admiringly if you maintain a well written and regularly updated blog, you cannot showcase your blog as a technological feat. Then come social networking sites – Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google Plus. It is an in-thing to be active on one or more of these sites, but their charm seems to be fading fast. You need to mention Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to show that you are not just a Facebook guy. You need to tell that your smartphone has an app that captures your boyfriend's actions throughout the day, geotags them, and relays videos to you. Yet, there is no guarantee that the guy in front of you will not show his app that can capture falling asteroids and send them to your boss when they hit him the most!

If you are still in Facebook age and cannot show off the latest tech stuff, just keep posting quirky stuff on others’ Facebook walls. If you ever had a blog, just let it die its own death the way you killed your first email account.

All said and done, you need to be on the alert all the time. 2013 might see a new platform – allow me to call it SNAP just to link it with the snapping of fingers – that is smarter than Twitter, FB and Google Plus all together. Grab it before you girl-friend/boy-friend/spouse tells you, “Stupid/Honey, you are still on Facebook! Even my grandfather is on Snap.”

It is April 2016.  
Isn't it interesting that we wrote it in early 2013 when Snapchat was nowhere in picture, at least it was not known to us if it had already taken shape somewhere. Now that our fun prediction is already there, we need to think of some new format that emerges in near future.