Blog submissions, our social media presence

This is an unusual post by ITB norms, but we are forced to write this as we are unable to individually reply to bloggers who’ve contacted us on email with blog submissions and for seeking some clarifications. This is because we are receiving up to 10 such emails everyday these days.

Blog submission for the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

We’ll come out with criteria for selection and such other aspects of directory compilation sometime in April. Right now, let’s assure all bloggers who've submitted their blogs for inclusion in the directory that if you have sent an email to us, we’ll definitely have a look at the blog. However, if you suggested a blog before October last year and your blog hasn't found a place in the current edition of the blog directory, we won’t be able to consider it in our next upadation though the blog still lies in our database. Please suggest the blog again if you feel that it might lose our sight during our search for new blogs. Let’s also make it clear here that irrespective of whether a blog has been suggested or not, we ourselves search the blogosphere for new blogs.

Submission for showcase and detailed review of a blog

We are running a long queue of blogs submitted to us for showcasing on ITB site and/or detailed blog review. As far as Blog Showcase is concerned, we are slightly choosy; but if your blog is OK in quality, we WILL showcase it. On detailed blog review, we go by the order in which we receive the blog, and we intend to review ALL the blogs received by us so far. In case we find that we are keeping bloggers waiting for too long a time, we’d announce a pause to detailed review [as we did for three months last year].

About our presence on social networks

We are active on Twitter and Google Plus, but we are not very regular. We have a Facebook page too and a Pinterest account, but these are presently not active enough.

Some bloggers with Facebook and Google Plus accounts have asked us why we don’t respond to their friend requests. We do look at the requests received by us but are unable to reciprocate when we don’t see any substance on an account or when the substance is not appropriate for us to associate with. Beyond that, we love to be friends, especially with bloggers.

Hope, we have been able to make our position clear on these matters.