ITB's commitment to quality blogging, and a few wishes

This post is not on blogging tips or blog rankings or compilation of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs /Hindi blog listing. It is about the Indian Top Blogs itself.

We are two year old now. We have reviewed over 750 blogs and websites in detail, showcased 60 good blogs on the ITB website, published 40 posts with tips on different aspects of blogging – often with great details and with illustrative images. We have been bringing out blog directories and rankings since February 2011, with increasingly stringent screening in successive updates. We have also been drawn to some social networking and bookmarking sites too, which helps blogs listed and showcased on the ITB.

We’ll soon take up updations of the listings and rankings for 2012-13, and it will keep us quite busy from March to September.

In this journey, we would have liked to expand our activities further but time constraints due to our individual commitments elsewhere do not allow us to do so. As we do not charge a penny for any of our activities whether listing, reviewing or showcasing, our resources also remain tight.

For one, we would have liked to keep reviewing blogs at a fast pace. We concede that our speed of disposal of review requests has gone down and the pendency has risen. So, we have decided not to insist on bloggers putting ‘Reviewed by ITB’ badges on their blogs/ websites. Our blog submission guidelines change to that extent.

Speaking of interim updations of blog directories, we have recently updated the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, but could not update the English directory. We’d now look at all the blogs suggested to us in the last 6 months only during the annual exercise due mid-2013.

We receive a large number of comments, but many of them seem to have been made just to give their websites / blogs a better search ranking. We, therefore, now have a strict comment moderation in place.

We feel rewarded, and let us share this feeling with you: we get a number of appreciative emails, especially in response to our detailed reviews; we have clocked more than a hundred thousand [= a lakh] pageviews; we’ve Google PageRank of 4; numerous blogs voluntarily keep our badge(s); we receive 200-500 requests every month for including a blog on our directories; our email subscription list is now 200 strong… We hope, you will keep encouraging us to do our bit towards quality blogging.