The current social media scene

Facebook on top, Twitter the short service champ and Google+ catching up. This seems the current status of the social networking world.

We give here some interesting findings of recent studies on social media by GlobalWebIndex, which claims to track about 90% of the global internet population.

The big three social networking giants

The research agency says, Facebook remains the top social platform and Google+ has overtaken Twitter significantly. Not only that, Google’s own YouTube comes third!

Local platforms have given way to these behemoths and have either been growing slowly or are in the decline.

See the user sizes of the biggies:

  • Facebook: total users over a billion; active users 693 million. Over half the internet population in the world is active on Facebook on a monthly basis!
  • Google+: active users 343 million
  • YouTube: active users 300 million
  • Twitter: active users 288 million

Rising impact of Google+

Google+ is growing in its impact among these top three social networking sites.
The researcher says that “Google+ is a growing success and is here to stay. The global internet will increasingly be defined by Facebook, Google and Twitter, representing a tremendous opportunity for marketers to build brands on a truly global scale”.

The research agency also feels that brands will adopt Google+ more and more as Google+ is fully integrated into all Google services, G+ shows up on search results, and popularity of Android – a Google platform – on mobile devices.

What it means? While today companies weave their social media strategies around Facebook and Twitter, they must include Google+ too. [Of course, we feel that any social media strategy should include blogging, emails, forums, free subscriptions, collaborative platforms and so on. After a detailed analysis, they need to choose how many of these platforms they should concentrate on.]

But Twitter is the fastest growing of them all

A survey by the same agency finds that Twitter is the fastest among them all. Moreover, the activity on Twitter has been rising even faster than the rise in the number of new accounts. ‘An incredible 21% of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis,” is what GlobalWebIndex says.

What people do on social media?

These activities have been found to be most popular on major platforms:

  • sharing photos
  • posting about one’s daily activities
  • commenting on a friend’s post

Other popular activities include messaging on one-to-one basis, commenting on friends’ photos / videos, ‘like’ing others’ posts, and sharing links to blogs.

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