Hindi best blogs directory: what's there in it? हिंदी के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लॉगों की डायरेक्टरी में है क्या?

A short take on how we are compiling the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs

We started with collecting as many Hindi blog links as possible and in about six months ended up with around 4000 blogs in our database. We shortlisted the blogs, based on a simple algorithm that gives values to a number of parameters. We subjected these blogs to detailed filtering for content, design and regularity, and simultaneously kept looking at the links on the blogs that we were surveying: blogrolls, entries in aggregators, comment links, multiple blogs, community blogs… This exercise landed another 3000 blogs. We left it at that since it bloated our database with hardly any good blogs showing up.

Left with around 1800 blogs, we scrutinized them all for many parameters, sometimes visiting a blog twenty times over. We are now left with around 600 blogs; most of these blogs, except the top 50, suffer from many infirmities [given in the second section, below]. We have tried to find blogs that have high quality in terms of content, design, navigation, regularity and interactivity, with as few infirmities as possible. At the end of this effort, likely by 29th evening, we’d have included all such blogs about which we have a consensus in our team that they are among the best blogs in Hindi.

Forgive us, friends, for not being ruthless in this first edition of the  Directory of Best Hindi Blogs [out on 30th November, 2012] and do tell us if you find some undeserving blogs in the Directory. You can do so by making a comment on this or any subsequent post if you have a view on the Directory or its entries; but if you want to be abusive, do use this email link because on ITB we won’t be able to publish comments with too hard-hitting a language: kp.nd.2008@gmail.com. We’ll have one or two minor updations based on your feedback, before we update the directory thoroughly around May 2013.

Kindly forgive us also for being judgmental and immodest about our views on what constitutes ‘the best blog’. We feel humble looking at some top quality blogs in the Directory – blogs that do not need our certification. 

top Hindi blogs

What we included and what not, in compiling the Hindi blog directory


  • We have not included blogs that have not been updated since 15th August 2012. Blogs that have no updates in any 3 months out of the first 10 months of 2012 have also been rejected.
  • Blogs with obviously poor content, inappropriate content and abusive language have not been taken.
  • Blogs with amateurish experimentation with design, too many pop-ups, too many widgets that don’t open, and no consideration for blog’s length and width have been demoted.
  • The number of comments on a post has not been considered for the purpose of inclusion in the Directory.
  • We must admit that we tend to overlook other issues when we spot a blog with high quality of content. Examples of what types of blogs we have taken because we found that these blogs excel despite these issues: one top blog has a label list of over 500, another one has home page with only one small post but a hundred links in the sidebar, a blog has font in myriad hard-hitting colors. A blog analyzing current social issues with elan has a few matra problems. Some otherwise good blogs have too much of ‘I’ and ‘me’ content.This being the first edition, we have ignored all such issues.
  • Blogs have not been demoted for very long blogrolls and blogrolls with sleeping / dead entries unless this badly affects the blog’s overall appeal.
  • We have ignored non-attribution of graphic and audio-material, but we had to reject blogs in which copied matter constituted the core content and the matter seemed to be used without permission.
  • Blogs in which others’ matter has been copy-pasted for the purpose of review/ critique are not rejected.
  • We have also compared individual blogs against standards expected within a particular category, so that we don’t end up comparing apples with oranges. Due to this, many poetry-alone blogs have lost to blogs of the same genre that had superior design, navigation, variety, regularity, etc.
  • When a blogger has many excellent blogs, we have accommodated more than one blog. In future, we intend to include only one blog of a blogger.
  • We have taken blogs on Hindi blogging platforms [e.g. jagranjunction] only when individual blogs have been given a sensible name and not a numerical ID. In the case of blogs on such platforms, we have not judged individual blogs for design and navigation.
  • We have taken multiple-author-blogs [marked in the directory as community blogs], but not e-magazines. Blog aggregating websites, blogging platforms and blogs that primarily discuss other blogs’ content have been categorized separately.

This article has been retained as it gives a historical perspective on blogging in Hindi, and how the compilation of the directory of top Hindi blogs was started by Top Blogs. For the latest listing of top Hindi blogs, kindly visit the link. For the latest list of Hindi magazines online, web magazines and aggregators, please visit the linked page.