October 10, 2012

Best Hindi blogs and those not so good: how do Hindi bloggers run their affairs?

This is going to be the first edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs. We have examined nearly three thousand Hindi blog sites and short-listed about 400 for further examination. In the coming weeks, we plan to prune the list to between 100-200.

Hindi blog sites
We’d present our detailed observations later but we thought we’d share with you our quick ‘first impression’ of the Hindi blogosphere.
  • Overall, we find Hindi blogosphere as mature as the English one, with blogs on a variety of topics, and older bloggers quite at ease with blogging.
  • Hindi bloggers take care of the design and navigation aspects of their blogs better than their English counterparts. The difficulty in setting up a blog in Hindi, we suppose, makes Hindi bloggers more attached and committed to their blogs.
  • Hindi bloggers seem to have great community feeling. Many of them comment often, have lengthy blogrolls on their blogs, and they have listed their blogs on more than one directories. Then there are many blog aggregators showcasing latest posts from good blogs. These aggregators have, we’d like to believe, helped the Hindi blogging community grow in quality and numbers.
  • A few good Hindi bloggers dominate the scene and have developed high reputation as good bloggers and commentators on the contemporary politics and society.
  • Blogging in Hindi, obviously, is done by those whose mother tongue is Hindi [unlike Indian bloggers in English – their mother tongue is seldom English]. Perhaps this is the reason why a large number of Hindi blogs have become a means of self-expression: writing about one’s travails, sharing joys and sorrows, commenting on surroundings and writing poems. We did not expect many blogs on technical topics, and we have not been betrayed.
  • Hindi font seems to be troubling many bloggers even after years of blogging, especially missing, wrong and wrongly-placed matras. Sadly, many bloggers are not bothered about correcting matra-related errors in their posts.
You can see the Directory of Best Indian Blogs here.
We take great care in selecting blogs for our lists of quality blogs by Indians and on India. Care to know?


  1. Waiting to see the Hindi direc tory.

  2. What about bilingual blogs, ie Hindi and English both?

  3. Oh! Good hindi blogs, eagerly waiting for the posts, I am soo excited to see it.