September 15, 2012


Rhea's Selection
Seven Year Old's Blog

Rhea is from Mumbai and she studies in the second standard. 

Through her blog, Rhea showcases her stories, poems, drawings, book reports and articles on topics that interest her. The blog is a great way of stimulating her creativity. It also helps in improving her writing and reading skills. 

The website is named "RheaDaVinvi" after "Leonardo Da Vinci" who was probably the most multi-talented person who ever lived. Rhea draws inspiration from Leonardo.


  1. I hope and wish that parents should encourage children through this new medium. I am yet to see such a beautiful blog in which the kid is directly involved. Otherwise we mommies turn our own blogs into kids blogs by writing about their activities.
    Congratulations. and thanks to Indian top blogs for showcasing this blog.
    Rashmi, Mumbai

  2. Looks slightly serious for her age but nicely manicured blog.