Anna, Advani, blogging and the ‘publish’ button

Noticed this blogging trend in the Indian blogosphere: When celebrities have to make an important announcement but do not want to say it in front of television cameras or in a press conference, they put it on their blog?

Blog posts are not tweets; they are not witty comments on social or political developments or a personality. Tweets, by their very nature, are instant and you can’t weave a long story or logically prove something. And, if you are a celebrity whose remarks can generate controversy [Digvijaya Singh is at the top of this heap right now], you get eager to make a comment on the fly. Blogs are different. They are more serious, more stable, more logical. 

Celebrity blogs are written with extra care. Often, the first draft is prepared by some researcher. So, a blog-post from a big politician or other public figure is seldom impetuous. Celebrities, especially political leaders, must be reading a post many times before publishing it. Yet, there are many occasions when people repent having written something on their blog.

What made us write this post are the two recent blog announcements of much import: one by Lal Krishna Advani, the septuagenarian BJP patron – predicting that the Congress would get fewer than a hundred seats in the next general elections and not ruling out that the next PM could be from parties other than the Congress and the BJP; and the other by Anna Hazare, perhaps the most staunch voice against corruption – announcing dissolution of his ‘Team Anna’. [By the way, this Team Anna at its zenith last year had so high social media presence that many in and out of the team claimed that social media played a very important role in garnering huge public support for their movement.]

Both Anna’s and Advani’s blog-posts have confused their own organizations and their followers. [They often do this, even outside blogging.]  Did these leaders choose the medium of blog to convey an unsavory message to their colleagues who would not listen to them? Or was it a case of extreme urge to speak one’s mind publicly without caring for internal mechanisms of communication? Or were they carried away by their 'thought of the moment'?

Whatever the reason for these two blog-posts, Anna and Advani have at least these three giveaways for us bloggers [We have, by habit, expanded them ;)]. 
  • Keep blogging, as blogs have great value in sharing your memories and thoughts, making an important announcement, developing an intellectual hypothesis, sharing information and tips, helping others in small ways…
  • Use blogging for thoughts more important than what you can convey through Tweets or even on social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut.
  • Do not press the ‘publish’ button before you are sure you will not repent having written something on a post. Do not press the ‘publish’ button also before you have checked the post for facts, grammar and spellings.