Vineet Nayar, the blogger

We could not resist taking a break from our busy ranking schedule and pay our regards to an avid blogger, Vineet Nayar, for his latest contribution to the society.

If the name is not sounding bells in your ears, as happens often to all fogetful people, let's introduce him in his own words as they appear on his personal blog,

... I am working hard to catalyze my leadership theories and business strategies to spread the magic of education through the non-profit organization, SAMPARK. I have no doubt that over time, we can “create a million smiles” through improving the quality, infrastructure and opportunity for education to the underprivileged. ...

Though he has been donating his money for the good cause, always in substantial amounts, this one [as it appeared in the Hindu Business Line today] makes us salute him for his his latest act of philanthropy. If you intend to skip going to the news item, let's not dprive you of the essense of this post: Vineet Nayar, who happens to be the Vice Chairman and CEO of HCL Technologies and is supposed to be a highly respected global business leader, has sold his entire stake in HCL Tech and is donatng the proceeds to Sampark.