June 17, 2012

Indian Blog Directory 2011-2012

The last edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, as you know, came out in November 2011. We added some more blogs in the Directory in January and February this year out of those suggested to us or discovered by us after Nov ’11.

While thoroughly examining blogs for Blog Ranks in the last about two months, we have noticed that many blogs that figured in the Directory have suffered on a few counts: poor regularity in blogging, odd experimentation with design, shift to a new platform and consequent mess-up, adding useless pop-ups and irritating widgets, changing to poorly functional dynamic views, turning overly commercial, and so on. Out of 706 blogs in the Directory, as many as 207 had to be taken out due to these factors! We have also removed lists of blogs on jobs and stock advice that were appended with the Directory. We have, however, spotted many new good blogs and included 51 of them in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

The Directory has changed so much from the original 2011 Directory that we’d like to call it the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2011-12 edition. We also realize that since the Directory and Ranks are not co-terminus with calendar years, relating them to two adjoining years is better.

If you are a blogger whose blog has been removed from the Directory, we advise you to please have a re-look at the quality of your blog, and do update your blog more regularly. You’re sure to find a place in the Directory again when we review it next. 

Blogging habits of Indian bloggers

In the last one month, we have published a number of posts on how blogs of some prominent categories  [IT blogs, food blogs, celebrity and columnists' blogs] are being maintained. We have some observations to share:

We were disappointed with many celebrity blogs, especially those created en masse in the blogging platforms of large media houses. While they got a well-crafted blogging platform, most of them have turned irregular after an initial burst.

Columnists, techies and food-bloggers remain very regular. Columnists tend to paste their newspaper columns on their blogs; however, to the extent that they have a presence on the blogosphere and their posts lead to further discussion on the topic makes the blogs relevant independent of the print column.

A large number of personal bloggers tend to be infrequent, even those with a long history of maintaining the blog. A significant proportion of personal bloggers carry their entries in response to competition held by some website onto their blogs; of many bloggers, such competitions seem to be the muse to write something. Some bloggers also use handles such as 'weekly photo', 'Friday musings', 'one post a day for a month' to keep themselves in blogging mood.

Very few of Indian blogs are monetized and a still lower number optimized for search engines. Some Indian tech blogs have claimed overnight success in making money by blogging, but we’d take that with a pinch of salt as their blogs do not bear a stamp of that.

We’ll post the new Directory in a week’s time. We’ve also made a new badge to go with the  Directory.


  1. Do you keep a track of all indian bloggers or only the popular ones.

  2. Congratulations for adding the new blogs, can you share the some popular blogs. Those have updated content.

  3. Hi Kundan.
    We try to browse as many blogs as possible. We have so far scanned over 30,000 Indian blogs.
    Hi Free Recharge ;)
    All the blogs that you will find in the Directory, to be issued on 25th June, are frequently updated. All of them have been updated every month in the last about six months.

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  5. My question is similar to Kundan's. How do you keep track or get to know of existence of any blog... new or old? My blog is updated at least twice a week, has Google page rank 3 and is quite popular as it has contents from all my travels!

    And it is hard to believe that you haven't come across it during your scanning of 30,000 blogs till now while I am being invited by various ministries/agencies to speak/enjoy on travel related stuff!

    :-) :) :)

  6. Thanks Charis for the kind words.

    Thanks Nisha for your response. It is a long story; to cut it short, we (i) go through search engines and compiling sites; (ii) get suggestions by bloggers / others; (iii) discover new ones through cross-references such as blog-rolls and links. You will know how big the task is and how small we are, if you look at this post: http://www.indiantopblogs.com/2011/11/nov-2011-blog-directory.html. But we'll sure look at your blog soon and would be grateful if you suggest us many more good blogs, by writing to kp.nd.2008@gmail.com?

  7. :-)

    Thanks for your prompt reply. That was real fast. :-)
    Sure, I will.
    I applaud & appreciate your effort.

    I'd looked at your list. The ones which are on blogspot move up in search engines since they belong to Google uncle. :-)
    Also, blog-rolls & links from a blog to another is not a good thing to look at, in order to search for more blogs. Most of the good bloggers have done away with these links, or at most they have links to blogs of some close friends, families. :)

  8. Hi Nisha. Just two points:
    One. It is perhaps not true that Google uncle rewards for being on blogspot. Our experience is that wordpress blogs usually have better PRs and they come up high on search engines.
    Two. Blogrolls etc are just secondary sources. And yes, why should top bloggers have blogroll? But if we do not toil and search all places, we are likely to lose good bloggers like you even more, don't you agree?

    ITB team

  9. Would love to see a collaboration between blogsynergy.com and indiantopblogs.com

  10. http://bdnewsforus.blogspot.com/

  11. While the effort to go through this mammoth task is commendable,it is imperative we keep in mind niche blogs. Typically, niche blogs do not rely on quantity/frequency since it is inversely proportional to creativity.Quality stuff takes some time to generate.
    This is not to say,those who do generate content frequently are not doing a great job.

    Everyday blogs,focused on current issues are the most frequent and takes lesser pressure to deliver.In essence one is simply stating and or detailing an incident which occurred in and around their lives - not sure if that's too difficult to do on a regular basis.

    Contests are a good source of inspiration for a few bloggers,though for most its a chance to get "visible" in the maze of the blog world.With most contests still being judged on a popular vote, it works for both the blogger and the host.Some genuinely good content often gets labeled as boring, simply because it does not serve a mass consensus, and some senseless stuff get promoted because the person in question is more popular or visible as the case maybe.

    Time is a key element for visibility.The common practice is that more you visit and comment ( specially nice goody-goody stuff)the more visitors you get in return and hence graduate into the so-called "power blogger" zone -in which case whatever you post is certain to hit hundreds of eyeballs.

    For the under pressure office worker, weekends are the best bet.If you are married then the chances and scope are lesser as you have different time allotment priorities.That leaves us with a majority college crowd and net savvy housewives who make the most of it,and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    So, in a nutshell,to categorize some blog as a "top" blog or "premium blog" is mostly a misnomer.Similarly,it is also true,that some of the blogs which are popular and top blogs, have some wonderful content and are truly worth spending the precious hour of availability.

    As they say,somebody's crap is someone's work of art - only mass consensus defines its fate.


  12. Sorry for responding so late to your thoughtful comments, Gyanban.
    We tend to agree to what you say.
    However, we'd feel that if someone is not blogging for three months at a stretch, he is not doing good blog work, however talented the blogger may be. So, while shortlisting blogs for directory / ranks, we keep scope for a rare infrewquency in posting. When it comes to competition, an irregular blog must lose other things being equal. Agree?
    You may see that we give much more value to content than anything else. That should satisfy your standards; that's why a good number of blogs in the directory are from professionals, managers, thinkers et al.

  13. Thanks for featuring me, appreciate it :) Do you plan to categorize the chosen blogs at some point? I know it'll be quite a task, but slotting them into categories will be great. Lauding your effort to scout so precariously through the blogosphere!

  14. My bad, there is a category-wise listing and I glanced right past it! Awesome, awaiting the updated category listing :)

  15. Could you provides us the some latest blogs list???

  16. Hi Diwali SMS. You can see the best blog direcgtory and platinum blogs - best of the best blogs on India and by Indians on this very website.
    Hope you don't spam the bloggers with Diwali SMSs.

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