June 17, 2012

Indian Blog Directory 2011-2012

The last edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, as you know, came out in November 2011. We added some more blogs in the Directory in January and February this year out of those suggested to us or discovered by us after Nov ’11.

While thoroughly examining blogs for Blog Ranks in the last about two months, we have noticed that many blogs that figured in the Directory have suffered on a few counts: poor regularity in blogging, odd experimentation with design, shift to a new platform and consequent mess-up, adding useless pop-ups and irritating widgets, changing to poorly functional dynamic views, turning overly commercial, and so on. Out of 706 blogs in the Directory, as many as 207 had to be taken out due to these factors! We have also removed lists of blogs on jobs and stock advice that were appended with the Directory. We have, however, spotted many new good blogs and included 51 of them in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

The Directory has changed so much from the original 2011 Directory that we’d like to call it the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2011-12 edition. We also realize that since the Directory and Ranks are not co-terminus with calendar years, relating them to two adjoining years is better.

If you are a blogger whose blog has been removed from the Directory, we advise you to please have a re-look at the quality of your blog, and do update your blog more regularly. You’re sure to find a place in the Directory again when we review it next. 

Blogging habits of Indian bloggers

In the last one month, we have published a number of posts on how blogs of some prominent categories  [IT blogs, food blogs, celebrity and columnists' blogs] are being maintained. We have some observations to share:

We were disappointed with many celebrity blogs, especially those created en masse in the blogging platforms of large media houses. While they got a well-crafted blogging platform, most of them have turned irregular after an initial burst.

Columnists, techies and food-bloggers remain very regular. Columnists tend to paste their newspaper columns on their blogs; however, to the extent that they have a presence on the blogosphere and their posts lead to further discussion on the topic makes the blogs relevant independent of the print column.

A large number of personal bloggers tend to be infrequent, even those with a long history of maintaining the blog. A significant proportion of personal bloggers carry their entries in response to competition held by some website onto their blogs; of many bloggers, such competitions seem to be the muse to write something. Some bloggers also use handles such as 'weekly photo', 'Friday musings', 'one post a day for a month' to keep themselves in blogging mood.

Very few of Indian blogs are monetized and a still lower number optimized for search engines. Some Indian tech blogs have claimed overnight success in making money by blogging, but we’d take that with a pinch of salt as their blogs do not bear a stamp of that.

We’ll post the new Directory in a week’s time. We’ve also made a new badge to go with the  Directory.