June 25, 2012

Indian Best Blog Directory is out!

We are pleased to release the 2011-12 edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs today.

The 2011-12 Directory has 523 blogs. This edition is much smaller than the previous edition, which had 706 blogs. We have given the reasons for this in this post on compilation of Indian Best Blog Directory. We have also removed lists of blogs on jobs and stock advice that were appended with the Directory.

If you have questions in your mind about the Directory and us, do visit this post on FAQs about ITB blog direcory, rankings, etc.

As earlier, the Directory is alphabetical as well as category-wise. We’ll bring out the category-wise list after releasing the Indian Blog Rankings on June 30th.

We’ve created a new badge for the Directory. If you happen to be the one whose blog finds place in the Directory, you may consider putting the badge on your blog. How to put an Indian Top Blogs badge?