June 30, 2012

2011-2012 Indian Blog Rankings

We are before you with our second edition of Indian blog rankings, for 2012 [We like to call it 2011-12]. Like last year, this year too kept us busy in the process of ranking blogs but we were better prepared. We also did not have to compile a directory simultaneously. As we said in our post announcing the blog rankings, the competition was much tough this year and so we can say with a lot of confidence that the rankers are truly the best-among-the-very-best blogs on India and by Indians.

Only one rank – Platinum – is being given this time because we have overhauled the Directory, and the blogs in the Directory itself are among the best Indian blogs due to heavy pruning.

We can claim that all the Platinum rated blogs are among the top-most blogs on India and by Indians. We’d also like to claim that in ranking blogs, we have been as fair as is humanly possible. What we cannot claim is that there are no other blogs as good as these ones. One, because we might have missed them. Two, because we might have excluded blogs that are outstanding for some parameters but average for some others. Three, all ranking is subjective. Four, we wanted to limit the number of niche blogs as declared in this post on the blog ranking process: this means that a superb blog in a highly competitive category might have lost while a similar blog in another category might have come in.

During the ranking process, we noticed some trends in the blogging habits of Indian bloggers, and we have shared with you while announcing updation of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. Before that, we also carried three posts on IT blogs, celebrity and columnists’ blogs and food blogs.

All the best!

ITB team

You can find all posts relating to the blog rankings and Directory updation for 2011-12 here.

We have also created a new badge for the Platinum rank for 2011-12. If your blog is ranked Platinum blog by us, you may like to put the badge on your blog. How to put a badge on the blog?

Please click here to access the Platinum rankers’ list and the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.


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  2. I went thru the ranks.. A very fantastic collection. Will link it on my facebook page too.