state of the blogosphere 2011 survey by Technoratti: interesting findings

We forgot to discuss the Technorati  ‘state of the blogosphere’  2011 report, because it came out when we were terribly busy with updating our own Indian blog directory and then we got busy clearing the huge backlog of requests for detailed blog review (the backlog still remains). 

Those of the visitors who don’t know about Technorati let’s introduce it. It is arguably the biggest and most authoritative site / organization for searching and indexing blogs from the world over, and tracking the blogosphere. It brings out a survey every year on the trends in the blogging world. 

Before reading their survey results, however, do remember that these are based on responses from those in Technorati network and/or their visitors. The ones who responded are necessarily the ones who are active on the web and don't mind filling a detailed survey form. A survey based on responses from such a sample is not likely to capture the entire blogging spectrum in respect of parameters such as blogging habits and hours spent on blogging. Interestingly again, 80% of their respondents were not bloggers!

Some interesting findings of the survey are:
  • Many respondents reported that they were blogging more than before, and they did so because it helped them professionally or in business. Some did so as they enjoyed interacting with people. People who were blogging less than before did so as their time was taken by other activities or they now devoted more time to other types of social media. Very few bloggers reduced blogging because it seemed to hurt their social life.
  • Bloggers tended to be influenced by others’ blogs when choosing topics for their own blogs.
  • Bloggers said, the primary reason for blogging was sharing expertise and experience, speaking out one’s mind, connecting with like-minded people, getting more involved with their passion and so on, rather than seeking business.
  • More than two-thirds of the respondents believed that blogs were being taken more seriously as source of information than before, vis-à-vis other media. A significant number of respondents felt, blogs are written better than the traditional media and are being taken seriously as source of information – more than the traditional media and much more than Facebook and Twitter. Yet, blogs were down in the list as a trusted medium of information.
  • Blogs, not print media and television, were a source of inspiration for many people.
  • Wordpress was found to lead Blogger as the blogging platform of choice; others didn’t come anywhere near these two.
Update: Technorati no longer release such surveys about blogs nor do they maintain archives.