February 16, 2012

New bloggers enter the best Indian blogs directory

Since we issued the updated Directory of Best Indian Blogs on November 30, 2011, we have discovered a number of blogs that meet our listing criteria of content, design and regularity. Most of them are the ones suggested or submitted by fellow bloggers while some are our own finds.

We are trying to consolidate rather than expand beyond our limited resources.  We had thought of drafting two more people to our gang to take care of social media and expert posts on SEO  and monetization; unfortunately, we have not been able to do so, so far. We have, nevertheless, made our notional presence on social media by opening accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Digg [update: removed after Digg's 2012 structure change]. We are reducing the frequency of showcase to thrice a month and not accepting blogs for detailed review for another month.  This has saved us some time for detailed reviews, adding  new blogs to the Directory and writing posts. We hope to have more time from the next month but then our work on examination of Indian blogs for blog rankings will begin.

Too much of blah blah about ourselves, you'd say. So we stop. Hope, you approve of the new additions to the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. The blogs being added are:

aartiharish   Aarti Harish
akriti91   Brown Penny
aksindiblog   One Stop Blog
alkanarula   Deep frm my heart!!
arnabmaity   Arnab Maity
bollyhooha   Bolly Hoo Ha
chennaifocus    Chennai Focus news
fashion-bombay    Fashion Bombay
feistypad    The Feisty Pad
firaszphotography   Firasz Photography
inspirationaldaily   Inspirational Daily
nascentemissions   Nascent Emissions
onemint   One Mint
personal-lovediaries   Secret diaries of a girl in love
pickyc   Picky C
rachit91   Sentimientos
recommendbooks   Recommend Books
squamble   squamble.com
srayyangar   Ayyangar’s blog- “VYANGYAM”
subhorup   Subho’s Jejune Diet   
subramoney   Subramoney
sushmaspage   Sushma's Page
tflguide   The Financial Literates
vevisia   Vevisia - Circles in the Sand

You might like to visit posts on different aspects of the selection process for the Indian blog directory.

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