10 deadly flaws in blog posts: blogger's sins!

This topic has been updated on two posts, starting with this one, in December 2015; kindly visit these: Blogging sins: deadly flaws in blogs

Posts are the life of a blog. More than anything else, the popularity and respect of a blog is decided by the quality of its posts. Yet, posts are one of the most ignored blog components. 

We give below the ten most deadly and yet quite common pitfalls of blogging. Our professional grooming on content apart, we came to see these content flaws during our detailed blog reviews and the three major blogosphere surveys that we have carried out so far. 

We'd call them bloggers' sins that take the blogs to the hell that poor blogging is.
[The following observations and advice primarily relate to general blogs and websites, and text-heavy posts; some of these may not relate fully to photo blogs, vblogs, very serious and very frivolous blogs.] 
  • 1. Improper title: abstract, highly witty or vulgar title 
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: Let’s keep the post heading as non-sensical as possible. Let's make the journey difficult from the beginning. That's the way we win mind games.
  • 2. Poor post display
posts not set distinctly; too much text and many thumbnails stuffed in headers and footers
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: It’s good to irritate and confuse the reader – that’s the best way to get attention.
  • 3. Poor readability
reversing text colour display [white text on black background]; keeping poor contrast between the background and the text: light text on light background or dark text on dark background; having a background image with varying contrast; too fast or too slow scrolling text; animated text; animations over text; too narrow reading column; unconventional experiments with font and text display; prose written with central or right alignment
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: These are excellent ways to spoil readability. If you want good readability, buy a book, not sit before the computer screen. Reader, you must have the capacity to appreciate the hard work put in by me.
  • 4. Poor writing skills
abstract or self-indulgent opening sentences [and not going straight to the topic]; poor grammar; random experimentation with language; ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude towards language to hide language illiteracy; shifting persons and tenses
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: My friends come to my blog because they like me, not because they like my language. Blogging is not for puritans, dude! 
  • 5. Poor editing
not checking proof mistakes and letting many punctuation, spelling and other errors pass  
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: Why spend time on nitty-fritty? Big people go for thought, not proof correction. 
  • 6. Monotony; boring text
long-winded, sentences; long paragraphs; no text variation and highlighting, especially when a large number of things are discussed; very long posts [and refusing to break them into two or hiding a part of it by using ‘jump break’]; using obscure expressions and quotes; linguistic show-off
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: People take you seriously only when you write superior-looking expressions. Breaking long text into paras and series don't matter; if the reader is serious, he would read the text whether it is in one big passage or in many small ones. 
  • 7. Detached writing [especially in personal blogs]
writing in third person, even converting oneself to he / she
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: After all, the blog is a web diary; why should we bother for the reader?
  • 8. Not using visual content or quirky visualization
not using images; images without regard for design, picture quality, relevance etc; irrelevant video; absurd text colouring, text variations and image effects
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: All stupidity is fun; it’s pleasure to let people laugh at our foolishnesses.  If you can't appreciate the underlying fun in absurdity, you are not worth being my reader.
  • 9. Poor bilingual support
jumping from English to one’s native script and expressions; not caring to give an English gist of something expressed in a different language
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision:Nothing gives more freshness than slangs and colloquialism.
  • 10. Digitally heavy content
putting very big photos one after the other; putting long video(s)
 The hell-bound-blogger's vision: Who has the time to work on visuals? Thay are just fillers.