What Kapil Sibal has done is right!

Btw, we’re not saying he’s right, we’re only saying, what he has done is right.

Kapil Sibal is doing the right thing for himself, and blogging and other social media, on three counts.

One, because when his boss, Mme Sonia, is attacked even slightly [We hear, she was lampooned, her image was morphed and there were even nasty remarks about her. Very bad, indeed.], do you think he should keep mum? So, what he did was just right for him.

Two, he is Kapil Sibal. True to his name, he must botch up things as much as he can, and create controversies where there are better ways to deal with a situation. Remember his dealing with Baba Ramdev and Anna? The final result almost always is that the government turns defensive and apologetic.

Three, what he did in the case of social media will be highly counter-productive. This indiscreet act of his serves the purpose of social media more than anyone else. So, he couldn’t have done better. The service that Indian politicians like Tharoor, Omar, Sushma and Advani could not do to social media, the savvy Kapil has done in one stroke.

Thanks #Kapil!