Indian blog directory, rankings, showcase: FAQs

We have received a number of queries on the Directory of Best Indian Blogs that we updated on 30th November 2011. We are not able to respond to each email, and we feel that some visitors might have similar queries to ask and so we’ve imagined some questions ourselves! We’ve included related FAQs on blog ranking and blog showcase also.

Will you include my blog in teh Directory even now if it meets your terms?
Why not? We are open to inclusion of high quality blogs in the Directory whenever we spot them. However, updating the Directory on a daily basis is not possible. We intend to include new finds on the last day of every month starting January 2012.

Why have you mentioned blog rankings along with Directory entries? You have included many more blogs that might be very good but were not seen by you during your last ranking?
Blog ranking mentioned along with an entry is for June 2011 ranking; we’ll mention 2012 ranking when we rank blogs in the middle of 2012.

I have applied for blog review / blog showcase. Do I need to submit the blog also for inclusion in the Directory?
No. Your blog has already been seen by us and we’ll automatically consider it for inclusion in the Directory.

My blog was there in the July edition of the Directory but is not there now, while I find many other blogs in the new Directory. Why?
Do have a look at this post on selection criteria for the blog directory. Does your blog meet these criteria? For blogs already in July 2011 edition of the Directory, the main point for consideration was regularity of updation. 

My blog is there in the Directory and yet in your review of the blog you have listed out many problems. Do you apply different standards for blog review?
As mentioned in this post on blog directory compilation, we tend to be very uncharitable when making a detailed review. We hope, that helps bloggers much more than just praising the blog or making off-the-cuff remarks.

My blog has been showcased on ITB website but is not in the Directory. Why?
Blog Showcase is meant to display good blogs and let their owners talk about their best features. We showcase even very new blogs, blogs in other languages, foreign blogs and websites maintained blog-like. We are stricter in the case of Directory and even more strict for blog ranks.

Though my blog is not listed in the Directory, the blog of a blogger friend is there. I consider my blog much better in design and content than hers. How come?  
We have tried to be as fair as is humanly possible. Have you checked all the blog selection criteria mentioned in this post? If you think, we have made an error of judgment in your case, do write to us at

Can you help improve the layout of my blog? Can you guide how I can improve a photo? Should I go for Wordpress or Blogger? Can you do this for a fee? Can you suggest a web designer who’d help me with designing my blog professionally?
We are not in a position to guarantee that we’d respond to each specific request, though we try to respond to emails with specific requests when time permits.
No, friends, we don’t charge fee for the work that we do. We can’t recommend a web designer too; that is beyond our ethical boundary.

Can I see reviews of some blogs for my guidance?
No, that’s private. However, if a blogger passes on our review to you or places it on his / her blog, you are free to use that.

Do you mind sharing the raw data captured by you during compilation of the Directory?
No way. We also request marketing firms not to ask us for this.

You have written in the disclaimer about someone wanting to get his blog removed from the Directory. Does anyone really do that?
Till now, no one has asked us to remove his / her blog from the Directory.
We have made this offer for three reasons:
One, some people might really not need publicity to their blog so that they are not disturbed by too many visitors.
Two, a blogger might have the feeling that his / her blog is too important for the Directory. Someone may feel slighted that his blog is placed next to a blog of much lower standing. If the blogger does not want his blog in the Directory for any reason, we feel that the Directory as well as the blogger are losers. We are here for a win-win game, not the other way round.
Three, we offer this to bloggers who suspect our intentions. When we published the July 2011 edition of the Directory, some bloggers did write on the web that we should be taken with a pinch of salt. Some even took offence to our sending them an email to announce inclusion of their blogs in the Directory. [We understand their cynicism. We are happy to share that some of them wrote very flattering emails to us and a few even have ITB badge on their blogs! We’re humbled by their kindness.] 

Why didn’t you send an email or make a comment on blogs to announce that my blog is in the updated Directory? You did that the last time.
As mentioned above, when we did this last time – in good faith – some bloggers took it amiss. We are doing our job with sincerity and are happy about it. Let good bloggers get a surprise when they discover their blog in the Directory.  

My blog is listed only once in the category-wise listing of blogs while a similar blog has been mentined twice. Why?
Could be that your blog had only a few posts or most of your posts belonged to a focus area or you write on too many topics. We have tried our best to accommodate blogs in their proper place(s) in the category-wise listing of blogs. If you want your case to be reviewed, do write an email to us; just give reasons why you feel otherwise. Before sending the email, do see this detailed post on blog categories in the Directory.