Google Chrome emerges as the top internet browser in India

As per data released by Statcounter, Google Chrome is fast becoming the browser of choice and has toppled Firefox to become the second most used browser after Internet Explorer. In India, it has surpassed even IE!

In India, where the usage of net has risen fast only in the last couple of years and most net users are of younger age, the percentage of users of Google Chrome has gone up to 34.75% as compared to Firefox 34.29% and IE 26.9%.   

Though we have been Firefox fans for many years, we welcome this development as it will lead to (i) more commitment from Google for improving Chrome, and (ii) more competition to other browsers, in turn improving them.

Good news for bloggers using Chrome

Chrome browser, like the open source Firefox, gains in functionality with use of add-ons. For bloggers, Chrome has many add-ons in its ‘Chrome Web Store’. With its popularity rising, we hope that more add-ons will be available on this browser as they are in Firefox. We do not use add-ons for writing blogs, but a number of bloggers use them to find topic ideas, monitoring traffic, uploading photos, commenting, etc. They range from quite functional to weird, by some are worth trying.