Let’s promote blogs that promote a social cause!

Today, we are taking another humble step towards promoting quality websites and blogs, especially Indian blogs.

On Indian Top Blogs, we are offering the following support to organisations, websites and blogs that promote social cause.

We believe that the work of a good Samaritan generates positivity which, if supported by people, generates a momentum in favour of the underlying cause. Our contribution may not matter significantly to big websites, blogs and organizations; it will nevertheless be a sincere appreciation for their good work. To not-so-big ones in this arena, it might act as a much needed - and much deserved - honour. It is our way of saying, we stand by you and your cause.

Here goes our offer:

1. We have reserved a space in the sidebar for free display of a website or blog supporting a social cause. It is under ITB supports this cause: bar. As of now, we are rotating social ‘advertisements’ among themselves and with stand-alone social messages. We’ll not restrict this space to only Indian websites / blogs / organizations. [If you want your social ad to come here, do send an image of 250 pixel width and up to 260 pixel height.]

our first list of Indian blogs
promoting social cause
2. Among the websites mentioned above, bloggers will be invited to send matter for showcasing their blogs on Indian Top Blogs.

3. We have identified some Indian blogs that promote social cause on a regular basis. We’ve listed them in the Directory of the Best Indian Blogs as a category and also specially highlighted them in the alphabetical list of best Indian blogs.We'll keep adding more such blogs as they come to our notice.

We have also created a badge for blogs that feature in the 'social advertisement' space or blog directory or blog showcase. Bloggers may copy the following code and paste it in html widget of their blogs.
<a href="http://www.indiantopblogs.com/2011/12/blogging-websites-blogs-for-social.html"><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-N86eLmjjgTM/Tvgk--nDe8I/AAAAAAAAAtA/j6AmKMDB2ms/s200/social-cause-indian-website.png" style="border: 0;" /></a> 

Do support our initiative if you like it. Do write a line if you’ve any suggestion to offer, either by commenting below or writing to kp.nd.2008@gmail.com. Do suggest Indian blogs that promote a social cause, for directory listing.