'Dynamic views' on Blogger platform: does it suit your blog?

This is a hurried post on the dynamic views by Blogger. We were provoked to write it because when we started reviewing individual blogs today [after a long time-gap during which we were busy compiling the Directory], we found many blogs on Blogger platform having shifted to dynamic views. This is a rather new feature of Blogger, allowing the blog to be seen in any one of the 7 templates that the dynamic views function offers.

We liked the many excellent features of the dynamic views: its aesthetic appeal, clean presentation of content, smooth scrolling of posts and their listings in many ways, and so on. Earlier Blogger did not allow any personalisation in dynamic views but now you can change the header image and background colour. You can even fix a particular view, if you fall in love with that.

Why we've written this post is not to share our joy with the great stuff that dynamic views is, but to give you a caveat.

The dynamic views feature is excellent but the superb personalisation that you have carried out and all the widgets of the old blog will not be there for others to see. Though they all remain in the background, your viewers will not be able to see your cute label cloud or month-wise archives or followers or blogroll or advertisements or ... That is a big big loss for a gain in appearance of content. Don't you agree?

Well, if you have only content pane to show, without frills, you may consider switching to dynamic views altogether. Otherwise think twice.

If you have already changed your blog into dynamic views, you can revert back to the old view.

If you have changed to dynamic views but want to stay with it, do at least leave a link on the blog to allow for the old, traditional, view too. People used to the old view may like to see your blog in that shape.

Blogger team informs that it would soon come up with widgets re-written for dynamic views. When that happens, the Indian Top Blogs would perhaps shift to the dynamic views, not before that.