December 2, 2011

Category-wise listing of best blogs is out!

We have uploaded the category-wise listing of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.
We have given details of category-wise blog listings in the post on variety of Indian blogs. As mentioned there, a good number of blogs have figured in more than one category. We have done it for blogs that are well-maintained over a long period of time. Blogs of general nature with a bit of eveything have gone ot personal and comments categories.
Do read the disclaimer given at the end of the Directory listings. We intend to issue an FAQ on blog directory listings in a few days, to clarify some additional points.
Do put a badge on your blog if your blog happens to be in the Directory. The html code for the badge is at the end of the Directory.

You can see our posts on the process of compilation of the Directory and what the Directory contains in these posts:


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