'What a life!' by Anish is the Indian blog on showcase today. This blog has thought-provoking articles, travelogues with personal touch, and much more. 

What a life! Opinions, ideas, thoughts and more...

A blog about anything and everything that I feel is appropriate to write about, though I  usually tend to stick to genres like travel, marketing, employment, politics & society and relationships.
I don't not claim to be an authority in any of these areas. When I visit different countries, I write experiential accounts of my trips. Mine is a rather atypical Indian take on local social situations I had to deal with and other topics that get me going.
I believe that frankly expressed opinions lead to debate and discussion, and their outcome quite often is change, both personal and professional. We are able to at least understand, if not deal with situations that life throws up. After all, there is only one life... What a life!