Why showcase your blog on Indian Top Blogs?

You have a beautiful blog on India, things Indian, your child or your pet subject. You write well. You also write regularly. You have many visitors. What more you need to grow as a successful blogger is regular hand-holding and support.

While the Indian Top Blog does the hand-holding, its blog showcase is a powerful platform for improving your blog’s popularity and reputation. 


  • The blog showcase gives you at least 3 backlinks, one of them of high quality! This means, your Google pagerank improves.
a collage of some blogs showcased recently
  •  The showcase URL and photo tag have your blog’s signature. It means, if you post the link on your blog and tell it to your friends in the real world and on Facebook, your popularity grows by leaps and bounds. It is like a third-party certificate to your blog, at your own terms.
  • You have been recognized by a site that is growing fast in reputation and authority on blogging in general and Indian blogosphere in particular.
  • The best in you comes out when you write the punchline for the showcase. It acts like a blurb on the jacket of your own book.
  • It is free! You are charged $’s for getting a link from a website with Google page rank 3 or above. We not only give the link free, we do not remove it, like the charging companies do when you stop paying them. 
  • When we receive a blog for showcase, we have already noticed that blog for the next blog ranking and blog directory.

Look, how the Indian Tiop Blogs is growing. When you link with it, you also grow.
  •  Has Google Pagre Rank of 3. It is likely to grow significantly in the future.
  • Has Alexa page rank of 6.9 lakh. It was 105 lakh when we started the site 3 months back. It is coming down faster than we imagined. By the time you read this post, it might already be much lower.
  • Is on the top pages already, when you search on Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista and Bing for the best Indian blogs.

Why does ITB not charge for blog showcase?

By the way, it also does not charge for rankings, inclusion in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs and blog review.

Well, the ITB team work with a passion. They also get some good words that seem to come from people’s hearts. ITB also grows while you grow, because many bloggers write about us and our genuine effort. Many bloggers whose blogs we review keep a small badge about this on their blogs, voluntarily. Our commitment grows as we find ITB growing.

Well, if you insist on knowing our monetary rewards, let’s share our secret with you that we also have a few AdSense advertisements on the website. A very small number of people do click on them but that comes to almost nothing. We, however, tend to think that it will pay us in the long run.

You can see here our earlier posts about guidelines on showcasing your [Indian] blog and how to submit the blog for showcase.