November 30, 2011

The Best Blogs Directory is out!


We have uploaded the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

If your blog is there in this directory, be ready for surprises. You – with PR 6 Google ranking, 1000 followers, 1000 Face Book fans -  could be sitting next to  a newbie but promising blogger. You could be a columnist, analysing heavy political or economic stuff and your blog might have the company of a blog sharing a jilted lover’s heart's pains. You could be a grandpa sharing your life’s experiences and you might find a neighbour blog talking of gadgets and blogging hacks. Maybe, you believe in using only the most respectful language; we give you the opportunity to sit close to a highly irreverent teenager’s blog. 

Do read the disclaimer given at the end of the Directory listings.
Do put a badge on your blog if your blog happens to be in the Directory. The html code for the badge is at the end of the Directory post.

You can see our posts on the process of compilation of the Directory and what the Directory contains in these posts:


1 comment:

  1. Is this for India only? I think your blog should be among the finalist. You have so much links I can find through free online directory sites. Goodluck to you my friend.