Your blog is so good; why not showcase it on ITB?

Indian Top Blogs has a window to feature quality blogs, called 'blog showcase'. Anybody can submit his / her blog for showcasing on ITB.

The process

- We feature only a few blogs in a month on the ITB website. Sometimes the frequency is even less.
- The featured blogs are available in ITB archives and are accessible through the 'blog showcase' tab in the navigation bar on the ITB site.

Need I apply for being featured, and how?

You need to apply by sending an email to in the following manner:
- in the subject of the email, write: blog showcase
- in the body of the email, write exactly as stated below:
  -- first line: the URL of the blog [e.g.]

  -- next line: title of the blog in no more than 30 characters. Whether you call it 'Teenu's Blog' or 'Where sky meets the nephros' is up to you. It will help if you identify the blogger and / or the purpose of the blog.
 -- next line: describe the best features of the blog in no more than 500 characters [80 words]. It has to be the best description you can think for your blog, without self-praise. For example, if you feel that you need to highlight the design aspect, do that. If you feel, your blog is helping poor children get helping hands, tell that.

This is how the blog showcase would appear on ITB.
What is that I get by showcasing my blog on ITB site?
- You get featured in a site that is gaining popularity and reputation for genuine rankings and reviews and blogging advice. It adds to your blog's reputation.
- You get a backlink to your blog from ITB. It means more popularity, greater authority and - as ITB grows - more and more SEO value as your blog gets a 'dofollow' link.
- As your post will be linked to your blog, visitors to the showcase post as well as the list of showcased blogs are likely to visit your blog.
- Your blog gets a mention on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social accounts. When we go to other social media sites, we'll carry your blog there too. We admit that we are not very active on social networks, but we are there nevertheless.
- You get a URL of your own. [We'll give the 'showcase' featuring your blog a page name with ITB + your blog's URL.] You can put it anywhere on your blog or elsewhere - and it will show only your blog's showcase.
- We put a thumbnail of your blog's homepage, as shown above. Visitors can see a glimpse of your blog in the 'showcase' itself. We also highlight one or more of your best features.
- You benefit immensely by this exercise as you discover the best things in your blog. It gives you an opportunity to write an excellent 'pitch' for your blog that you can use on other social media sites, bottom of your email, etc. The odds are that you will feel happy after the exercise.
- When visitors comment on your 'showcase', you get those many opinions on your blog.
How does it score over peer review? I get great reviews from competition sites.

- Award and recognition sites on the web depend either on popularity or votes given by other bloggers. Bloggers entering competitions need to promote their entries, and mostly the ones with good networking win over others. Yes, such rankings do serve a purpose, but in our view ranking / review by a totally unbiased agency with no monetary  interest or lure of reciprocity in promoting a particular blog works the best. 
- In our email interactions with some bloggers whose blogs we reviewed in detail, we found that most of the times, bloggers do not know the intrinsic qualities of their blogs even when they feel they are the best blogger in their group. This exercise would give you an opportunity to think of the best in your blog.
- The showcase is sort of certificate from us that your blog meets a minimum standard in terms of content, design and regularity.

How can I be sure to be showcased? Can I apply again?

We have been overwhelmed by requests for showcase, so delay in showcasing a blog is inevitable. If you have applied once, you don't have to apply again if you have followed the submission guidelines given above. If you want to modify the  description of the blog subsequent to a submission [but before showcasing], write in the subject line: blog showcase: modification request. 
You can send an email to us if your blog is not showcased even after six months. Before sending the email, just be sure that you'd followed the  guidelines while sending the submission.

There is a follow up post on blog showcase here.
Do click here for guidelines for blog review and directory submissions.