September 28, 2011

Indian Blog Directory updation in November

We are planning to have a thorough updation of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in the coming weeks and publish the updated directory by the middle of November.
We will post details of the selection procedure sometime later. Right now, please note the following:
  • The closing date for including blogs for examination will be 15th October 2011.
  • Selection of blogs will start de novo. That is, a blog’s being there in the present directory or blog ranks will have no relevance to selection except that the blogs will automatically be examined.
  • Nominations received for blog review and blog showcase will also automatically be considered for the directory.
  • We are conscious that despite our survey of the Indian blogosphere in the last one year and current efforts, we would be able to check only about 20,000 blogs in all out of a few million Indian blogs.  We’d welcome suggestions for inclusion of good blogs in the directory, till 15th October. Do email us at:
  • Blogs with inappropriate content will be rejected outright.
  • Blogs, however good, will be rejected if they do not have at least one post published in each of these 3 months preceding the closing date: July, August and September 2011.
  • We do not intend to artificially put a ceiling on the number of blogs that are to be included in the directory. Yet, the competition will be tougher this time than in July. Blogs in the directory whose quality or regularity has suffered badly since July are likely to be dropped.