September 15, 2011

Blog showcase: a quick follow up

Update 2017: We are taking up very few blogs for showcase.  
The response to our call for entries for blog showcase has been tremendous. Within about 36 hours of publishing the previous post, we have received 8 nominations. We wanted to clarify some points in view of the likely big response, so this post.

It appears that we will not be able to accommodate even one-tenth of the nominations that we receive, so we have thought of the following mechanism to choose the 'first among equals'.

We thought of limiting the showcase to Indian blogs only but we realise that it doesn't serve much purpose. We are also not in a position to shortlist blogs for quality beyond what is described below.
  • The blog must meet a minimum standard in content, regularity and design. In content, subject matter and blogger's effort would score over grammatical refinement. There should be no objectionable content on the blog.
  • The nomination should be in the exact format provided in the previous post.
  • The description should be compelling. Allow us to re-emphasise that a good blog with a poor description in the showcase does not do justice to the blog, and so you should give your best in the description of the blog. Though we'd not like to reject nominations only on the basis of  description, nominations with a very poorly written description are liable to be rejected. [We are open to modifications in the description and re-submission of the same blog, if the revised submission is as per guidelines given in the previous post.]
  • We won't further shortlist nominations available in the basket based on merit, popularity or any other criterion. We'd just pick one blog randomly.  We'd carry forward all earlier nominations.

We'd welcome suggestions for a more transparent, yet good system of shortlisting blogs for display on ITB. Should we shortlist blogs based on their Google PR / Alexa ranking? Should it be on popularity, based in turn on comments? Should we list the nominations on Indian Top Blogs and invite readers' votes? We are averse to shortlisting blogs based on popularity, but we would also like to be as transparent as possible. What do you say?

Please read this post in continuation of the guidelines for blog showcase.


  1. Popularity should also be a consideration. But voting by peer is not a good idea. But if you take popularity as the key, you will only have most popular blogs. They dont need a showcase.

  2. I agree with Raghav but only this much that popular blogs don't need someone else to show there blogs. But without votes from visitors, how do you know whether your blog is liked or not.


  3. Round one:
    popularity: 0
    solution: ?

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Keep popularity 0, quality 10 out of 10. You can think of selecting based on quality.

    [Gmail account given in request for review, not showcasing.]

  5. Sent for showcase. Hope you are truly unbiased when selecting the final one. If I find that, I will follow you throughout my life. My promise.

    (cant tell my name till I am showcased)

  6. We assure you of our total fairness. We don't have proof though. Suggest some way by which we can be transparent about it, something like generating random number and showing it work online.

  7. The two blogs you have sho cased are fine. It proves that you are in the right direction.
    Carry onthe good work.