What has blogging to do with Anna Hazare?

Anna Hazare
In normal times, this blog is not for sharing of political, economic, social and personal views. However, we cannot remain aloof to the happenings in India and in the blogging scene. So, we take a break from our core funtion to salute the spirit of India - the spontaneous outpouring of emotions against corruption and government's arrogant ways - and we appreciate the way social media has supported it.

Blogging is often not as instant and intimate as Facebook and Twitter. Yet, when we Googled the blogosphere for views on the present movement against corruption, led by Anna Hazare, we were dumb-found. Many blogs have come up with Anna Hazare and corruption in their URL; many thousand blogs have published posts on their blogs; a generic search on Anna Hazare on the web today resulted in 14.5 million items (1.8 million of them on blogs); a random click on Indian social and political blogs shows enormous sharing of anger.

The India Against Corruption. org website shows stupendous role of social media in the movement. 13 million people have sent missed calls on a given number; 320 thousand people like their Facebook account; their twitter account is being updated evey few seconds and has over 33 thousand followers (at 2 pm on 17th August). The juggernaut rolls on!

So, we at IndinTopBlogs salute the spirit of India, especially the youth of India. We also salute the spirit of the social media! Happy blogging!