Simple but very useful blogger tips - I

During our blog reviews, we have noticed that many bloggers do not use simple features available in blogging platforms, especially Blogger, that can improve the presentation of their blogs many times. This, without any knowledge of web languages or difficult procedures.

Maybe, some of the bloggers haven’t thought of these tools and some haven’t realized how even very small actions such as breaking a long post can add value to their blogs. Some might not know whom to ask questions that look patently silly and stupid. So comes this post.

Let's go straight to the tools available on Blogger/ blogspot.

 If you are not using the updated editor, you are missing a number of functionalities such as posting many images at once and resizing them. To use the new editor,  select ‘Settings’ from the main menu, then go to ‘Basic’. At the bottom of this sub-menu, click on ‘Select post editor… Updated editor (Recommended)

Updated editor gives many blog editing features.
You can upload several images in one go, either from your computer or a website or your own web-collection. You can then resize them, add caption, and easily align them with text – you just need to click on the photo in the post editor window, and the options will pop up below the photo. You can perform these actions only in the Updated editor.

You can put a favicon on your blog so that it shows up on the addressbar of the user’s browser. Favicons are 16X16 pixel images and need to be sharp enough to look good even in this small size.

A favicon gives identity to your blog; it's your blog's logo.
You can create favicon images free on the web or on any image editing software. If you upload a simple graphic of square shape [of a bigger size, say 100x100 px] to this favicon widget, it will itself convert it into a favicon and post it too. If you want further guidance, do send an email to us [no charged service or trap to buy something!]

You can easily break a long post at a point of your choice. Use the ‘Jump break’ icon next to ‘upload video’ icon on the post editor. We have used this feature in this very post. You need to click on ‘Read more’ below to read the rest of this post.

Use these functionalities on the post editor for better presentation of content.
Great news for Indian blogs written fully or in part in an Indian language. Just go to the language button in the post editor, select the language and start typing! When you type text in English, it comes out in the selected script.

You can add up to 10 stand-alone pages. You can think of each page as a post that will, however, not come on your screen unless you call it through a widget or a link. If you have not used this feature before, we strongly recommend that you use it for showing some of your most important stuff as against posts that get outdated fast. We have used it on Indian Top Blogs to set up the blog directory and then linked the pages using a menu bar under the title.

If  you  want collaborative blogging with family members or close friends without letting them change the design of the blog or delete posts, give them permission. Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Permissions’ and ‘Add authors’. 'Invite' them by sending an email to them. Once they accept your offer, they have the limited permission to edit your blog. You can give them ‘administrative privileges’ if you want to give them full freedom to manipulate the blog. You can revoke the permission if you later want to deny this facility to them.
Collaborate with others in blogging, using 'permissions'.

As this post is getting rather long, let's stop here. We'd soon come up with another edition of tips on using Blogger / blogspot.

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