The humble blog that India has started loving

You will ask why this self-patting?

Because we've made a century of sorts. Let us share the occasion with you.  We have crossed the one hundred blog review milestone this week. In a span of just four months [the rest three months we spent on blog ranking and the Directory of Best Indian Blogs], we have been furiously reviewing blogs at an average rate of six reviews a week. We have about a month's pendency still.

It gladdens our hearts that many bloggers whose blogs we have reviewed have thanked us profusely for our detailed analysis. Some have posted our reviews on their blogs and most of them seem to have retained 'Reviewed by Indian Top Blogs' icon on their blogs though it is not mandatory. It is your love that we cherish the most, and that drives us to keep giving free services, and to fairly assess the Indian/ desi blogoshpere. [If someone is unhappy, he or she will sure give a nasty comment on this very post, no? We are keeping our fingers crossed. We burnt these very fingers after bringing out the directory.]
Indian Top Blogs -plain vanilla, but India loves it

What gives us a big thumb up is that within this short time, this humble blog has reached Google Page Rank of 3/10 and Alexa ranking of under 5,50,000. That, without any SEO except some socialisation and marginal tweaking of links, etc! This blog is also our test of whether sincerity, hard work, quality product and perseverance can take us to a great website ranking. [We know of at least one global top blogger who is supposed to have reached that position with these attributes.]

Let us also share with you that as we grow in Google PR and other global rankings, any link going from our blog adds value to your blog. So, all the blogs ranked by us, those in the Indian blog directory and those commenting on our posts too benefit from our success. This is what SEO experts tell, not we.

What do we expect in return from our visitors, well-wishers and those who submit their blogs to us for review?
Nothing except this -
A commitment that you - a visiting blogger, whether you have a blog on our roll or not - will keep blogging, and writing quality posts.
A commitment from bloggers and non-bloggers alike - that you will promote quality blogs.