July 18, 2011

The Top Blogs Directory: thumbs up to the best blogs !

This Directory of Best Indian Blogs has been created from the database compiled during Blogosphere Surveys conducted by us periodically. We did the first such survey in Feb 2011 and the second in June 2011.

What all is included in the Directory?

The blog directory includes Indian blogs with good quality of content by our reckoning. We have selected blogs in the Directory with care, and only the blogs that meet a minimum standard of quality of content, design and regularity have been included.

We are starting with a small directory of about 270 entries. We’ll keep expanding it and tweaking the categories. When the list goes up to about a thousand, we’d probably have to consider applying more stringent norms. We’ll not be able to include blogs that are not in English and those not being updated of late.

We have included Indian blogging communities and blogging portals too in the Directory.


Blogs have been listed under different categories. Many blogs tend to belong to more than one category, and we have included them only in the category to which they primarily belong. The expression in bracket [ ] after a blog’s name denotes the other category which the blog’s content predominantly pertains to.

Within a category, blogs have been arranged alphabetically. The operative part of the blog name has been used to index blogs. We could not take the blog title or tagline as these are likely to change over time.

Platinum, Gold and Excellent ranked blogs’ entries are in bold and in color.

As you might notice, the Personal musings category happens to be the biggest. It is partly due to the very nature of blogging and partly because many blogs are on so many topics that they could not be included in any specific category.

This Directory is a dynamic listing of great Indian blogs

Unlike Blogosphere Surveys, which close on a particular day, this directory is dynamic; if we find a good quality blog, we’d be glad to include that in the directory at the earliest. This also explains why you will find some very good blogs here that are not there in the latest Blogosphere Survey; we might have noticed them after the Blogosphere Survey.

If you feel that a blog belongs to some other category or the blog has changed its tagline, do write to us. Do also suggest a good blog for inclusion in this Directory. The email ID for correspondence is: kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

If your blog is listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, you may consider putting this badge on your blog. For this, just need to just copy the code below and paste it into an html/java widget on your blog. 

<a href="http://indian-blog-list.blogspot.com/" title="Indian Top Blogs"><img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/tRl8BxyNLm8ZYQq9DgT7m_HwKcnVqv2o6h8Dh461YfUWey5cY2ITpMxsmTtaPAAxsS8swGzS13NOZg=w1708-h960-no" style="border: 0;" /></a>

 It will appear like this on your blog:

Do link on this to visit the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.