July 13, 2011

Directory of Indian Blogs: top blogs we noticed

the directory badge
Thanks for the overwhelming support you - the Indian bloggers - gave to the June Blogosphere Survey of Indian Blogs. We are committed to bring quality blogging in India to the fore, though with limited resources. We’ve decided to go slow, but steady.

We told you long back that a blog directory was in the offing. We had a list of over 900 blogs that had passed our computerized filtering based on content, design and regularity. After a visit to the blogs again and again to see that (i) they continued to carry good content, (ii) they were being updated regularly, we came out with around a hundred blogs that had not been ranked as Platinum, Gold or Excellent blogs. 

Our search further into the blogosphere gave us many more blogs that were excellent by all standards, some so good that we’d have given them top ranking had we discovered them before June. After a while, we had to stop surveying the blogosphere and start screening our new finds.

We are almost ready with about 260 blogs that go into the Direcory of Best Indian Blogs. We are alphabetizing and linking them in different pages as the list would become unwieldy if we put them all together in one page. The directory should be out in a week’s time.

What have we learnt during compilation of the Direcory of Best Indian Blogs that we can share with you? 
  •  That however hard we try, we’ll not be able to cover a significant portion of the blogosphere. Even Technorati has not been able to do so, with much bigger resources and being there for a long time.
  • That ranking is quite subjective and many factors make it excessively subjective. [But we shall try to be as fair and objective as we can. This is our promise.]
  • We’ll keep discovering many top-quality blogs and so the Directory will keep expanding. This will also make the next rounds of ranking tougher.
  • Since ranking will get tougher, bloggers who are ranked high at present will need to keep improving in terms of quality of content. They will also need to be regular – posting at least once a month. Those with just passable design would need to improve in that segment too.
  • People start blogging with a bang, and often with the vision to be a great blogger. But many of them lose interest mid-way. Family liabilities, other preoccupations, change in job schedule and many other factors might impact blogging, but a sheer lack of discipline seems to be one of the most important factors for decline in their blogging quality and quantity. We had to exclude many superb blogs only because of poor regularity.
  • Bloggers with passion for blogging and a love for the subject [could be profession, hobby, politics, society, religion, dreams or even growing children] have been able to maintain their blogs well. For many, blogging is a great self-actualizer; for many, it is a great safety valve; for quite a few, it is a platform to hone their skills. [We wrote a post on why you should love blogging.]
  • Ladies seem to love blogging more than gentlemen. They persevere. They are also better at design. Many of them are able to derive synergy by associating their emotions and hobbies with blogging.


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