July 22, 2011

Blogosphere surveys, the blog directory and a sham!

We are extremely busy in reviewing the blogs that many Indian bloggers have sent us in good faith. We are clearing them at the rate of about 6-8 a day and yet the list is growing.

But we are forced to find time to write a hurried post to explain our sincerity and genuineness. We do not blame those who feel we are a sham; they must have had bad experience with the world-wide-web before. We owe the blogging community baptism by fire.

We have received some very uncharitable comments; only two mild ones on this blog so far but many on some blogs. We are not sure if some of the hatred is being spread by sites that feel threatened by our presence.

There must be many sites where we are being called names, but the one that we came across yesterday is worth sharing. The post and the many comments on this blog, in short, find us unworthy of judging others' blogs and even call us/the exercise a sham. Without having a look at all the numerous explanations we have given about the process we have adopted for our February Blogosphere Survey, June Blogosphere Survey and compilation of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, and our admission of our weaknesses, they have declared us a sham.

These comments made us sad and one of us shot off a response to the post [and the blogger so large-heartedly put it there]. But when we discussed the matter among ourselves, we thought that we should rather invite criticism through a post on our own blog. Let us put our effort and our product to the harshest public scrutiny. So, this post.

So, visitors to this post, we pray to you not to leave the page without making a comment on what we are doing. Make it as harsh as you can, if you really feel like that. If you do not want to disclose your identity, do write anonymous comments. In case your blog is in one of our lists and you feel that it lowers the standing of your hugely popular blog, do tell us either through a comment or by emailing at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com and we'll immediately unburden you of that. It is no farce and we are serious, because we want to come clean - as clean as one could be - before we start our next survey.

[If you have landed here through a search and do not have the background of what we are talking about, do click here: Blogoshpere Surveys and the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.


  1. You guys are doing a fine job. Criticism is a hazard in any occupation. If you let it get to you, it has a way of coming true. thanks for the hard work in compiling the directory.

    More transparency on the ranking criteria esp for platinum, gold, etc would be welcome. Some blogs dont belong on that list. And yet others have been left off the list.

    cheers and all the best.

  2. Your sincerity is obvious. Go ahead with your job, be truthful in blog's evaluations and finally ppl will begin to appreciate your services wholeheartedly.

    I have enjoyed every word you have written in introducing you and in response to criticism and am fully with you.

  3. Good that you have been so severely criticised so early. I find nothing wrong with your efforts and your rankings, nothing at all. Take the criticism in the right spirit and improve further. You have a long way to go.
    Make your yardsticks stringent when you do your ranking next. Many of the ones who are making noise will automatically be out. Now smile!

  4. Now this is very interesting.. what you guys are doing! I have been blogging since Sept 2010 and I think the blogosphere is a great world for expressive people. I would like to invite you to visit both my blogs
    meerareflections.blogspot.com ( title Chronicles of an Unknown Indian) I have completed 50 posts recently. The other is the ID from which I am commenting. It is a fairly new one and is devoted to fiction meeratales.wordpress.com ( titled Kaleidoscope)

  5. We'll sure give a serious thought to your blogs and notify you by email.

  6. Thanks all of you for kind words.
    We'll keep doing the job we have undertaken... and we'll try to do it better.

  7. Thanks for your comments on my site. I myself am not an Indian blogger so I am not sure if I belong in your directory. However, I do appreciate you visiting my site. Thank you!!

  8. We read somewhere about our being sometimes 'I' and sometimes 'We'.

    It often happened as it started with one of us owning the blog and others helping. Posts and comments written instantly used 'I' and those that represented the blog had 'We'. But now, it is only 'We'. :D

  9. Hi Meera,

    We found your blog Chronicles of an Unknown Indian fitting our norms. It is under personal musings.... As per our indexing style, it figures as meera...
    Thanks for your interest.
    We'll automatically consider your blog for our next ranking.

    Best of blogging!

  10. :) There will be no person/thing/ on this earth which will be perceived as black and white (except the colors itself) everything will be grey!

    You are doing a great job! Continue to do so. People who cannot take it, can ignore.
    Will the elephant even care if the dog barks?
    That should be the attitude when you are doing something right!

  11. Thanks dear anonymous, for your kind words.
    We would have liked it better that you posted with an identity. We would have had the opportunity to thank you by name.
    We'll not disappoint you. Thanks indeed!

  12. I found your review so genuine and convinced that you really went through my blog in detail before giving me the review(the detailed review you sent me says so). Thank you so much for that and keep going:-)

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