April 5, 2011

New Indian blog rankings in June!

We have been receiving a number of emails everyday, especially since we started review of Indian blogs. We are able to review only a few blogs in a week and have a good 45 long  wait-list in about two weeks.

We are also getting a number of emails asking for the next ranking soon so that many other blogs can be included in the blogroll of top Indian blogs. So, we've decided to look at about 2,000 new blogs by 30th June and publish the next blogroll of best blogs on India and by Indians in July.

The norms for ranking will be as listed here: Norms for ranking of Indian blogs

All blogs suggested by visitors and those we have 'spotted!' will be considered for blog rankings. As said before, we'll be able to rank only Indian blogs: blogs on India and those by Indians.

After release of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in July 2011, the 'spotted!' listing has been stopped.

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