January 29, 2011

Indian blog ranking by quality

We intend to do a major overhaul in the way we select blogs in our blogroll. This exercise will last the entire February and we’ll look at thousands of blogs we are recommended or that come to our notice through search for good blogs.

After this big exercise, we will have blogs categorized in these four categories: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

What makes the blogs shine?

For us, content is king. We have made a small, four-member team for this purpose. Our team members will give marks for each blog according to the quality of content. Blogs that have recycled, poorly crafted and edited, dull and otherwise poor quality content are likely to be rejected outright.

Among the blogs filtered for content, we’ll first look for regularity in updation and then design aspects. Final ranking will be based on marks given to the blog on content (50%), updation (30%) and other aspects (20%). 

Blogs by companies, big IT teams and media houses will not be included. Similary, blogs with over three-fourths of its content automated will be rejected right away. Personal effort, whether in creating the content or updation or designing the blog will get high marks.

Blogs that we reject will be kept in a folder not to be made public; we’ll review them if we get positive feedback on any of them. Blogs that come to our notice after the review will be placed in 'blogs of mention [not ranked yet]’ category if they meet the filtering benchmark.

We are conscious of our limitations. However fair we may want to be, the selection and ranking will be subjective. Moreover, we’ll be able to check only a few thousand out of the huge number of blogs by / for Indians. 
The rankings will also not be ‘real time'. They will remain till the next major review is done. We’ll not be able to adjust a blog if it has done better or worse in the meantime. 

We are not in competition with big teams engaged in ranking blogs on various parameters. We do not claim to be the best rankers, but we assure that we will rank blogs impartially and on quality. Soon, it will be a privilege for a blog to get a ranking from us.

We’ll be grateful if you submit good Indian blogs  to us and also give suggestions for making the ranking more meaningful.