What is Indian Top Blogs all about?

[Updated in December 2014 and remains current until modified.]

The Indian Top Blogs is a collective effort of some friends who are professionals in web designing, design, journalism and creative writing. Prabhakar is the public face of ITB, but we prefer to call ourselves ITB team. We can be reached at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com.

ITB carries out the following functions:
Publishes posts with detailed advice on various aspects of blogging, analysis of blogosphere based on ITB  its own surveys, and social media updates.
Reviews blogs in detail [submission required whenever we open it]
Showcases good blogs [submission required]; also showcases good articles on blogs and good blogs
Offers free images and advises about free tools for use by bloggers
Brings out a directory of quality Indian blogs in English and a directory of quality Hindi blogs worldwide [both updated every year]
Brings out a ranking of top Indian blogs in English [updated every year]

ITB's ethical commitments:
ITB does not promote any website or brand or individual for a commercial consideration.
It may have advertisements, such as (i) Adsense advertisements and (ii) social-cause advertisements [posted free of charge] and (iii) affiliate or commercial ads. However, these do not at all come in the way of integrity of the content.
ITB does not sell the results of blogosphere surveys.
ITB does not disclose the identity of blogs reviewed by the ITB team.
ITB always attributes the source when it discusses or borrows others' content.
All the listings issued on ITB are without any consideration.
ITB will remove an entry from a listing if its owner so desires or if we notice improper content on the blog entry.

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