February 25, 2017

Converting PDF to anything, almost! And the world's lightest desktop PDF reader

In an earlier article on PDF software, we had reviewed some PDF reader, annotator and converter programs. In the present one, we'd review one very professional product that has fantastic free offshoots too. Rather, let's start with the free tools first.

This post has been updated after we received some quality-related responses from readers on Slim PDF Reader and got answers from the developers.

World's smallest PDF reader

In our earlier review, we had recommended Foxit Reader. We still love that. But this one - Slim PDF Reader - is feather-light as compared to other programs. It is just 1.5MB (installer download size) as compared to others that are much bigger in size. Even Foxit is about 4 times bigger!

True to the developers' claim (They call it the world's smallest desktop PDF reader), the product is very light. However it is a very basic PDF reader and has not been upgraded since years; so it does not have features found in other light-weight alternative PDF readers.

A minefield of PDF conversion and extraction tools in this Professional sw

As always, we recommend software or utilities only after satisfying ourselves. So, we evaluated the trial version of the premium software developed by the company that produces Slim PDF Reader. It is called Able2Extract Professional. It is a paid version but  the software is worth its price for people who have to work with PDFs and need to extract content from PDF files for various purposes.

Able2Extract PDF program has great features!

We'd rank the premium PDF converter high for its key features:
  • large number of file formats from/ to it converts,
  • high quality of extracted files,
  • extracted content being editable like normal files,
  • ability to edit any type of PDF documents, and
  • ease of learning. 

When you convert a PDF document into a document file (e.g. .docx), you often end up with a document that is full of garbage or its text going out of alignment or some text behaving funny. With Able2Extract, the resulting docs are clean and editable.

Similarly if you want to copy columns from a business pamphlet in PDF format, you need not suffer a garbled sheet.  

Think of inserting a portion of PDF doc into a MS Word document without editing its layout. With Able2Extract, just convert that portion into a picture file (e.g. .jpg) and insert into the MS Word document!

You can convert PDFs into even .html, .csv and AutoCad files! 

There are many more ways you can use this superb software including splitting and merging PDFs, security and encryption, page resizing and customization. By the way, this sw developer has free online converters that you can visit here: Free PDF Tools

We do not have any commercial considerations with the producers of this product except that they provided a PIN to extend the evaluation version. The views are fully ours.


  1. We got a number of responses from readers about lack of quality features on Slim PDF Reader, especially relating to rendering of Indian languages in some documents. When we posed these to the developers, they've replied that the Slim PDF Reader is meant to be very light-weight and is therefore basic in features. Moreover, they no longer upgrade it.