August 15, 2014

Detailed blog reviews by Indian Top Blogs


We started detailed review of blogs in 2011 and after reviewing over a thousand blogs, had to close this very popular offer. It was completely free.

Our reviews, mostly about blogging habits, editorial quality of content, looks and design, and functionalities (and not very technical and monetisation matters) were appreciated by a large number of bloggers. Some carried out a few or all our recommendations and some even overhauled or re-designed their blogs.

We had to stop this offer when we could not deal with the rush. In the meantime, we also added the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs to our listings and got more busy, and so we had to retract the offer.

We have one proposal before our esteemed blogger friends. We would decide our next course of action after receiving your suggestions, which you could give as a comment here or send to

What we propose is that we'd expand our team with one more member whom we'd like to compensate for his/her time (right now we are four of us, doing all listings, background research and postings, and a bit of social media interactions, as our commitment to serving the blogosphere). As we do not, as yet, accept advertisements (other than AdSense and a recent affiliation with Amazon), we'd need some income supplement. We thought, why not offer blog reviews at a small cost, say, of Rs. 2000 ($40) per review. We are eagerly waiting for your response. Blogger friends whose blogs we reviewed may oblige us with their frank comments on the quality and usefulness of our review.