January 17, 2014

Directory of Best Hindi Blogs: updation notice

This post is for Hindi bloggers and Hindi blog visitors. 


ITB will be updating the current best Hindi blog directory, in its mid-year review. We intend to remove blogs that have performed badly after being listed, and include some new good finds. We'll come out with the updates by Feb end.

We request you to suggest good quality Hindi blogs by mid February so that we can check them out. You can do so either by commenting on the present post or by sending a mail to kp.nd.2008@gmail.com


हम  फरवरी में 'हिंदी के सर्वोत्तम ब्लॉगों की डायरेक्टरी' को अपडेट कर रहे हैं।  इस प्रक्रिया में कुछ ब्लॉग हट सकते हैं लेकिन कुछ नए ब्लॉग जुड़ेंगे भी।  अगर कोई अच्छा ब्लॉग नज़र आया हो तो 15 फरवरी तक सुझाएँ ताकि हम उसे डायरेक्टरी में स्थान दे सकें।