November 4, 2013

Use of social media by governments

We had last week announced two new initiatives: first, to offer free images to bloggers, and second, to showcase on ITB, good articles / discussions found on other blogs. We have posted first two free images in this post followed by one more three days back, and are now showcasing an excellent article we discovered through our Facebook network. We hope, besides adding value to the list of showcased blogs, this article enriches our own discussions on the social media. Of particular relevance to this topic will be out post on how world leaders use social media.

This article, by Manoj Pandey, a government officer himself, discusses how governments are using social media. He analyses whether governments are using this potent new tool for citizen engagement and socio-economic development. 

The article has been published in the Indian Journal of Public Administration.

We reproduce the summary of the article below. On this link, you can find the full article: Governments and Social Media


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